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Choose the right package****

  • For all license types (packages) you get:
  • Free updates
  • Unlimited remote customer support
  • *Product warranty
  • ** Price guarantee
HERE Maps extra option - annual license for route planner with calculation of tolls, tonnage and size restrictions, integrated in Soft Transpor - starting at 50 per Year.
The big chapters of the application and the main departments it serves are: Dispatching, Transport Documents Management (CMRs, etc.), Invoicing, Evidence of Subcontractors, Fleet Management, Fuel Consumption Calculation, Accounting, Financial, Service, Technical and Administrative, Personnel, Statistics and High Level Management.
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per year (excl. VAT)
  • 1 Office Account, 1 Client Account, 3 Driver Accounts
  • 2 Types of Users: Operational and Driver
  • Hosting on Soft-Transport servers



per year (excl. VAT)
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Unlimited and Customizable Menus and User Levels
  • *** The client owns and administrates the server, installs updates
* If you purchased our program and for various reasons, within 30 days, you consider that the application was not useful for you, let us know! We will fully reimburse you the amount paid.
** Customers who will extend the subscription each year without interruption, will benefit in future from the same licence price. In other words, they will not be affected by a possible price increase.
*** The data will be installed on a client server, physical or virtual. There is even the possibility to work offline.
**** We are also open to other acquisition plans, including lifetime license or turnkey solutions, with own financing or through European non-reimbursable funds.
Here at SoftTransport, we believe in what we promote. Through everything we do, we hope to be able to contribute to a better organization of those who discover this program. Therefore, in everything we do, there will always be respect for customers, continuous development, attention to details, passion for transportation.
We are convinced that you will only get benefits by implementing this program. In other words, we guarantee 100% that it is worth it! If, for various reasons, after 30 days, you consider that the application was not useful to you, let us know. We will refund your full amount paid! We do not promise you, we guarantee you!

What does Soft-Transport offer?

Ultra Light Light Standard Convenient
Accessible anytime and from anywhere
Unlimited number of users
Customizable menus
SSL certificate included
Data on the server purchased and managed by the Soft-Transport provider
Application Interface available in Romanian and English.
Available languages for automatic communication and invoicing: Romanian, English, German
Integrated help
Management of transport orders / Dispatching
Automatic import of Timocom transport orders
Interconnection with drivers (driver accounts)
Mobile application (Android) for access and notification
Warning for Truck, Trailer and Employee Validity
Interconnection with other telematics systems (GPS): WebEye, SafeFleet, Frotcom, EasyTrack
Interconnection with truck manufacturer systems (Mercedes, Scania, Volvo, Renault)
Interconnection with Google Maps
Interconnection with HERE Maps (with an extra license)
Evidence of Groupages
Electronic Records and Archiving of Documents (CMRs, etc.)
Automated invoicing directly from software that includes:
  • Tariff calculation according to customer tariff scheme
  • Automated completion of the invoice with the information registered in the order
  • Issue an invoice in English, German or Romanian
  • Automatic Exchange Rate
  • Automatic Due date calculation
Evidence of Credit Notes and Management of Claims
Complex Customer Statistics
Issuance and Registration of Orders to Subcontractors
Complex Subcontractors Statistics
Accounts Receivable, Invoices and Receipts STMT
Accounts Payable, Statement of Acquisitions and Payments
Records of Bank and other Treasury Accounts
Cost Center / Truck (profitability per truck)
Drivers Expense Statement Summary
Employee Reports and Statistics (Drivers, Dispatchers, Mechanics)
Planning of Driver Shifts
Hand Over Protocol (Trucks, Phones, Cards)
Stock Management (including Truck and Trailer Inventory)
Technical Reports and Interventions
Oil Exchange and Maintenance Situations
Evidence and Statistics of Tires
Auto Service (including issuing of Work Estimates)
Records and verification of Fuellings
Calculation of Real and Standard Fuel Consumption
Consumption of Frigo Trailers
Records and Statistics of Toll Costs
Other facilities such as:
  • Reporting of Operating Error (Warnings)
  • Internal Messaging
  • Work Phonebook
  • Registration and Statistics of POIs
  • Release of ATTESTATION OF ACTIVITIES for drivers
  • Record and control of ferry or train Reservations
  • Calculator KG/Axle
  • General traffic restrictions

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Very briefly

  • What does SoftTransport offer ?

    Soft Transport is an application dedicated to Transport companies. It was built to be used primarily by the dispatchers of a transport company. Citește mai mult.

  • What does implementation suppose?

    Implementing the solution that SoftTransport offers you is not complicated. All you need are a few things. Citește mai mult.

  • What benefits does it bring you?

    You will regain your investment money quite fast due to the multiple benefits that the program brings you. Citește mai mult.